Tease Students To Read
Student Created Book Trailers

To: Teachers K-12

Creating meaningful, engaging storytelling projects in your curriculum! external image BSEylcZZ4QZB_9-zUfbRjOlSr1hsJ1RX2yMHP0NzTDBT6ew4BEvxa2d_V7jCaLvM67gmIgu7k_jAEn6VIt3Vc32NwYi11TV5EpmMczdZ5XzwgGEl0ZyqjSji3A

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March 14, 2014
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Movies, TV shows, and product commercials all use teasers to get the audience to pay attention. Why not use the same strategy to encourage others to read books that are our absolute favorites! That is the purpose of this digital storytelling project, Digital Book Trailers!

Common Core Connections:
Use technology, including the Internet, to produce and publish writing and to interact and collaborate with others.
Create engaging audio recordings of stories or poems that demonstrate fluid reading at an understandable pace; add visual displays when appropriate to emphasize or enhance certain facts or details.
Include multimedia components (e.g., graphics, sound) and visual displays in presentations when appropriate to enhance the development of main ideas or themes.
Make strategic use of digital media (e.g., textual, graphical, audio, visual, and interactive elements) in presentations to enhance understanding of findings, reasoning, and evidence and to add interest.

Technology Needs:
  • A computer with internet or mobile device
  • A presentation tool of choice

Project Details:
1. Read
Students choose a book that they have read and would encourage others read.
Looking for e-books for students to explore? Visit __Keystone’s e-book supports page__.

2. Create
Digital Book Trailers come in various multimedia formats using a variety of tools. The Google presentation (linked below) includes instructions for creating book trailers as well as examples and rubrics to grade them. Please note the Creative Commons and Fair Use guidelines found within the presentation.external image Y9oOAC_SdJbupbrzmYueE_WiAwxz-llqZYvPhnvBoWZIHP0-tZdRV8wZnKHJowWmV_LM-Ya7UNfRGf816jjMYBsRTrAje6DQFvQ_w4mKeNw9InGe5tyNZ5tErw

__Student Created Book Trailers: Tease Students To Read__
by Lisa Snitker, Teacher Librarian for Allamakee CSD in Waukon, Iowa
2. Share
Once students are finished with their trailers, teachers upload the videos to your own video hosting site (such as YouTube, SchoolTube, Vimeo, etc) and organize the videos into a Digital Storytelling Playlist. See the video tutorials linked below for help with this:
__Create a Playlist on YouTube__
__For written instructions__

__Create an Album (playlist) on Vimeo__
__For written instructions__

external image Y9oOAC_SdJbupbrzmYueE_WiAwxz-llqZYvPhnvBoWZIHP0-tZdRV8wZnKHJowWmV_LM-Ya7UNfRGf816jjMYBsRTrAje6DQFvQ_w4mKeNw9InGe5tyNZ5tErw

__Submit the link to your Digital Book Trailer Playlist here.__

3. Explore
Once links to playlists are submitted, they will be organized by grade on the external image Y9oOAC_SdJbupbrzmYueE_WiAwxz-llqZYvPhnvBoWZIHP0-tZdRV8wZnKHJowWmV_LM-Ya7UNfRGf816jjMYBsRTrAje6DQFvQ_w4mKeNw9InGe5tyNZ5tErw

__Collaborative Digital Storytelling Wiki__
to share your story student book trailers with the world. This wiki will showcase all of the digital book trailers submitted in this project.

Book Trailer Resources

Sample book trailers featuring award-winning books:
A special thanks to Starmont Teacher Librarian, Sue Klett, for the resources linked above!

__Essential Digital Storytelling Resources- Variety of Resources__
__Digital Storytelling in the Classroom__
__Storybook Creation Tools and Apps__
__iPad Storytelling Apps__
__iTunes U course: Student Created Books in the iClassroom__ (a course by Lisa Johnson, TechChef4U)

** Please contact us if you need any additional assistance. We would be happy to assist you in this project challenge.